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Wax melts candles business cards

What are the advantages of business cards?

💎 Present your company as a more premium, luxury brand.

💎 Fully personalised with your branding and contact details.

💎 Promotes repeat orders as customers return.

💎 All cards branded to include additional info such as social media details.

💎 Free design created in-house by us to perfectly complement your branding.


Qty Single-sided Double-sided
50 cards £16.00 (32p each) £21.00 (42p each)
100 cards £18.00 (18p each £23.00 (23p each)
250 cards £28.00 (11p each) £33.00 (13p each)
500 cards £38.00 (8p each) £43.00 (9p each)